Steve Jobs admits the iPad is for suckers

Steve Jobs has finally come clean about the iPad in an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Puppet Walt Mossberg.

In the three minute interview, Jobs admits that the iPad is basically a bigger iPhone, not at all revolutionary, and that Apple literally “took the existing iPod touch, put in a faster processer and a bigger screen, and that’s it – it’s just a smartphone without the phone.” He admits that it doesn’t matter what he or Apple does, because “assholes will buy it.”

He goes on to say he could lay a steamy turd in his hand, call it revolutionary and sell it easily. Jobs goes on to reveal his true feelings about technology journalists, saying that he “cannot describe his contempt” for the entire industry.

In a just and sane world, Jobs would be really owning up to all of the above. Actually, it’s just Puppet Steve Jobs, complete with black turtleneck. We found him at esarcasm and you can find more Puppet Walt Mossberg videos here.