Steve Ballmer calls the kettle black

Steve Ballmer must have briefly forgotten his company has been peddling Windows for decades when he slammed Android for being susceptible to malware.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman quizzed the shy and retiring CEO on all things Microsoft and mobile when Ballmer accused Android of being wild, uncontrolled, and susceptible to malware. He then went on to call Apple high priced and highly controlled, the Verge reports.

Where, then, does Microsoft fit in? In homage to Apple, Windows is becoming an increasingly walled garden, and the sales figures speak for themselves with Android. The price tag of the Surface RT shocked the world when it was announced and was widely criticised for being too costly to challenge the dominant tablet players. Meanwhile, Google is doing rather well for itself.

Ballmer also said he expected the Surface would not swamp the market and that the traditional vendors were more likely to take up the majority of the PC, talet and phone space.

We’re not sure whether he was talking about technology or his trousers when he went on to say: “It is absolutely clear there is an innovation opportunity on the seam between software and hardware,” and that this seam “must not go unexploited by Microsoft”.

Ballmer also understood that Microsoft isn’t quite there yet in the “under five inches” category. We are pretty certain he was giving a nod to an upcoming flagship phone, and not his trousers.