Staff at Apple's favourite supplier on suicide watch

As some rather rotund Apple fanboys were spending huge amounts on their iPads over Easter, the place which makes them in China is having a problem with suicides.

Foxconn’s plant, which has a problem with child labour and  a habit of beating up reporters has had a spate of mysterious deaths lately.  Apparently there is something at Foxconn which makes its workers want to top themselves.

According to Business Insider  four Foxconn employees have tried to kill themselves in the last month just when they should be rejoicing at the fact that they have been making the game changing iPad

An 18-year-old female worker at Foxconn jumped from one of the factory building after working at the Longhua plant for a month. On March 29, a 23-year-old man, named Liu, jumped out of a dormitory window at the Longhua plant at 3am, dressed only in his factory shirt and underwear.

On March 11, at 9.30pm, a worker in his twenties, named Li, jumped to his death, again at the Longhua plant.  Apparently it was because his Christmas bonus was stolen.

On March 7, a female employee named Tian jumped from her dormitory building and injured herself.  She said that she was under “a great deal of pressure” although it was not clear from what. To be fair Apple has been a good influence on Foxconn.  

It has ordered the managers to let staff working on Apple gear to sit down once in a while.  They still have to work, but they are allowed to sit.  The company also wrote a strongly worded letter when it discovered that underaged workers were used at the plant.

Western firms have had problems in the past when educated lefty customers get miffed about products being made in bad conditions.  Apple has never had any problem with that – its fanboys would buy Apple gear if was made from human body parts if Steve Jobs said it OK.