SSD manufacturers fret over Ultrabook

More rumours which suggest the Ultrabook is facing some hiccups at launch. SSD manufacturers are worried that Intel’s prized new form factor could be detrimental to business.

Sources in the Taiwanese supply chain have been whispering to Digitimes. They say that at the moment, Intel’s products are just too expensive to warrant the consumer picking them over the rather similar Macbook Air. 

Citing the recently announced Zenbook, which has a 128GB SSD, a source said it must find a lower price point if consumers are going to pick it up. And if no one is buying, the SSD orders don’t roll in like manufacturers hoped.

The fault doesn’t lie just with Intel. SSDs themselves are at the high end of the market, and must absorb some of the cost, said the sources. They’ll need to find a way to produce them at a cheaper rate. One way could be NAND transitioning to a sub-20nm process, the sources said.

It’s too early to tell and these are just fears. But Otellini himself tried to reassure investors in an earnings call, saying that while Ultrabooks are expensive right now, the form factor will cost less over time. Intel’s $300 million war chest will do all it can to help.