Sony's future lies in 3D, it thinks

Welsh wizard and King of Sony, Howard Stringer, thinks his company’s future depends on 3D.

Speaking to USA Today, Stringer said Sony wanted to galvanise a charge toward television’s next frontier with its brassy introduction of sets and accessories that offer internet content and 3-D video.

Stringer apparently has high hopes for a 3D cable channel that Sony, Discovery Communications and Imax plan to introduce early this year. However he did not say much about it.

Sony was one of the first companies to offer Google TV, a service that helps consumers find Web content and view it on their TV sets, however that particular technology has stalled of late.

Stringer said telly is being transformed by the internet but admitted that he is disappointed by the take up of 3D telly.

He thinks that it is because we are still in the middle of a major recession and there are fewer people who can afford anything. It is the middle class in America who are the early adopters for that sort of stuff and they are not interested yet.

Some stores really do not have a clue how to flog 3D tellies either. He has been to retail stores where there were no 3D glasses at all and the 3D images were all blurred. People were coming in and saying, “I don’t want to buy that.”

He thinks that people will be ok with glasses once they get used to them watching things like 3D PlayStation. Then there will be a line of home 3D cameras which will help.

Stringers said that in the digital world, he who hesitates is abandoned. So you have to generate 3D excitement with as many devices as you can find.