Sony to recall half a million dodgy, dangerous laptops

Sony has admitted today that it has shipped over half a million laptops this year that have a high risk of overheating and causing burns.

The red-faced company is recalling nearly 535,000 of its Vaio F and C series laptops after it discovered at least 39 instances of overheating in the models, which have only been on sale since January of this year.

The problem is being blamed on a fault within the BIOS that stops the heat management system working properly, making the laptops extremely dangerous to use.

A third-party developed the BIOS, the basic system that runs below the operating system, for the Sony laptops, but it passed Sony’s tests before being placed on the market which raises some questions about Sony’s product safety tests.

259,000 units will be recalled in the US, 103,000 in Europe, 120,000 in Asia, and 52,000 in Japan. The affected models are: PCCW25FG/B, VPCCW25FG/P, VPCCW25FG/W, VPCF119FJ/BI, VPCF118FJ/W, VPCF117FJ/W, VPCCW29FJ/W, VPCCW28FJ/P, VPCCW28FJ/R, VPCCW28FJ/W, VPCF11AFJ, VPCF11AGJ, VPCF11AHJ, VPCF11ZHJ, VPCCW2AFJ, and VPCCW2AHJ.

The initial complaints came from customers who had witnessed their laptops melt and deform due to the poor heat management system. There are no reports of physical harm as a result of the hazardous machines, but Sony is not taking any chances.

Sony is urging users to check its website to see if their laptops are affected, and is offering a software update that should fix the faulty BIOS.