Sony to announce PSP2 on January 27

Sony is to announce the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2) on January 27, according to sources close to game magazine MCV.

The successor to Sony’s PSP, which launched as the major contender to Nintendo’s DS in late 2004, is set to be unveiled at a press event in Tokyo towards the end of the month, which may also feature the recently leaked PlayStation Phone.

The device is supposedly high-spec, with graphics rumoured to be comparable to early PS3 games. This will cater for a higher end of the market than Nintendo’s recently launched 3DS, although Sony confirmed it won’t have the 3D feature.

The PSP2 will feature a trackpad on the back, which will be used for controls, according to mounting speculation. Sony already ruled out a touchscreen, but a trackpad is still a likely option.

A number of big game developers are said to be already well into development of the PSP2’s initial release titles, but it’s not clear which companies these are or what franchises will be pushed onto the handheld device, but we can expect some big titles.

MCV claims that some elements of the PSP2 will come as “a huge suprise” and promises to deliver the shocking details in the Friday edition of its magazine.