Sony: Please buy our stuff

In what must be some sort of response to potential customers flocking over to Microsoft with the Xbox, and Nintendo slashing costs across the board, apologetic Sony has announced a pretty big price cut for the PS3 in North America and Europe.

It’s effective immediately, reight now, down from £249 to £199 in the UK. The 320GB flavour will be £249 from £229.

What is interesting is that Sony long sold its consoles at a loss. It managed to slowly paddle away from that murky, brown-tinged creek. What now?

The company that lost the logins of everyone who handed over a lot of money, Sony, really lays the emphasis on the “attractive” price point in the official press statement. We guess a lot of people that want a PS3 already have one, but it wants to bring over some fence sitters from leaning towards Microsoft.

Unfortunately for Sony the word on the street is it’s not readying another big-deal cash cow any time soon. Telling consumers they want and need a new console would probably do the trick and – perhaps – put talk of its lack security when it was sideswiped by a LulzBoat to bed.

Yes, it’s got the Vita on the way, but aside from the novelty name straight from The Sopranos, it’s going to be a harder product to market as the masses grow more weary of hardcore handheld gaming, as the casual phone plans to swallow that particular segment.