Sony notebook gets resurrected from the dead

Unfortunately my Sony VGN-Z11 VN decided to die at a very inappropriate moment, while I was still in San Francisco trying to cover the Intel Developer Forum.

As I had a fright going in an hour and a half, I couldn’t let the very excellent technician at  Central Computers – Rob – take the beast apart. I ended up having to buy another one. A techie at Intel reckoned I should buy a Mac. I didn’t.

I couldn’t get the machine repaired in Oxford because the following Monday I was frying out to the White Bull conference in Sitges, near Barcelona. My new machine was more than serviceable for the job, anyway.

So I get back to Oxford and I go on down to LinksCom Ltd, on the High Street in ye Olde Oxford Towne. What a charming chap. He opened up the baby and fixed it in a jiffy – loose connections. In my PC, not in my noddle.

Sony Viaos are extraordinarily difficult to take apart, both Rob at Computer Central and the nice guy at Linkscom Ltd agree. That, a cynical observer er observed is because Sony makes them that way so that it can charge extra for the repairs. Surely not….

I’d recommend the guys in San Francisco and the guys in Oxford any day of the week – they were both knowledgeable, helpful and went that extra kilometre or so in the process.

And yes, it really has been round the globe once and to Asia and the Americas several times since I bought it. I guess that makes for loose connections….