Sony mocks Microsoft's Natal

Sony has been publicly having a go at Microsoft’s new Natal technology claiming that it invented it eight years ago.

A YouTube video which is circulating on the world wide wibble shows Sony boss Jack Tretton dissing Redmond’s next big thing. 

Damning with faint praise Tretton said that Natal was a “pretty big idea” and if punters really want to play with a camera they might like to buy a $99 PS2 and play some of the great technology “we invented eight years ago.”

What Tretton is saying is that the PS2 with an eyetoy offers the same motion gaming experience as Natal for a bargain price.

However, Sony is not the only one to do mocking. Lately it has been on the other side of mock from Nintendo which says Sony’s PlayStation Move is “Very ‘Wii-too”.

Microsoft has not replied to Tretton yet. Maybe it is a little miffed, or maybe Tretton’s claims are not worth bothering about.