Sony launches 25-inch OLED TV

Sony has announced its new Trimaster EL series of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitors for professional applications, such as video production or broadcasting rooms. What is interesting about the new monitors is that the top model, the Trimaster BVME 250, has a nearly 25-inch panel – 24 5/8 inches, to be precise, or, in metric terms, 623.4 mm. This makes it the biggest OLED panel currently in production. In addition, the newest twins also offer 1920×1080 pixel formats, or full HD resolution.

The panel is based on Sony’s “Super Top Emission” OLED technology and apparently excellent in black performance, responds quickly with next to no motion blur and a ton of colours as never witnessed before on a joe-average LCD display. Sony also went out of it’s way and bunged in a new 12-bit output accuracy DSP engine, featuring “a nonlinear cubic conversion color-management system that delivers stunning uniformity, smoother-than-ever gamma performance, and picture quality consistency.”

Sony Trimaster EL

Unfortunately, they’ll be a tad more expensive than their non-OLED, LCD counterparts. Prices start at $3.549 for an old 7,4″ OLED monitor, whereas a whopping $26.000 have to be laid on the counter for the new ~25″ Trimaster EL BVME250. One can also spend a tad less, namely arouned $15.000, for the 17-inch BVME170. Anyone wanting to have a flatscreen monitor to impress friends with its brilliant, vivid picture and a high price tag can now move forward to the head of the line.

Sony demonstrated an organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) OLED display last year which astonished cat and dog as it was a mere 80 μm thick and could be rolled up and wrapped around a cylinder. It will still take some time, yet in the end there’ll be thinner mobile devices on the market, at least if flexible autostereoscopic 3D OLED displays will be churned out.