Sony issues take-downs of Playstation 4 news

euro gamerSony is issuing take-down notices against news blogs which show leaked pictures of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Slim.

The outfit is expected to announce the new consoles on 7 September in New York but it seems the organisation has sprung a few leaks and snaps have started appearing online.  Sony however is not taking this lying down and has been issuing take-down notices on social media accounts.

Erik Kain via @erikkain on Twitter tweeted “Sony issued a takedown and had this post removed from my Facebook page:”  Now that tweet has also gone along with others on Facebook.

The source of the leak is Eurogamer which even visited the leaker of the image to confirm the console is for real.  It generated its own image and even video of the console working for its story on the leak.

The Eurogamer video has been pulled after taking “legal advice”. It is pretty likely that they received notes from m’learned friends from Sony too.  It left the photographs it took up and we have borrowed one to show you what all the fuss is about.