Sony gets its Move on and joins the 3D battle

Sony has been having its day today at E3, unveiling some of the new products it plans to release over the next year, including its contender to Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s Wii, PlayStation Move, and an entire range of 3D games.

Sony has recently sent out a software update to the PlayStations it has currently sold that makes them 3D-ready, which is exciting news for the over 35 million people who have one of the systems, and even more exciting for the one or two people who actually have 3D-ready televisions.

The company also showed a demo of Killzone 3, a first person shooter that will be one of its first 3D games. The 3D effect will also be combined with the new PlayStation motion controller, Move, for what Sony is touting as a truly immersive experience.

Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, was keen to suggest that this would be a game-changer for the industry. “What Avatar did for 3D movies, titles like Killzone 3 will do for games,” he said.

Other 3D titles that have been announced include Grand Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon, and Wipeout 3D, a remastered version of the original, but – guess what? – in 3D.

Since the success of Avatar 3D has gained huge momentum, everyone’s keen to jump on the band-wagon. A slew of 3D TVs, computers, and other devices have been announced. E3 has not escaped the craze either, as 3D is one of its focal points. Along with Sony’s big announcement there was Nintendo’s unveiling of the 3DS, its new handheld console that can run in 2D or 3D at the flick of a switch, and, more importantly, without 3D glasses. Unfortunately Sony’s 3D titles will require gamers to don the dimensional specs.

While release dates and prices have yet to be revealed for the 3D goodies, Sony has been more forthcoming on its PlayStation Move. The new motion controller and camera duo is part of the games industry’s recent moves to catch up with ground lost to the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft has received a lot of praise for its Kinect, formerly Project Natal, but Sony is keen to enter with some strong competition.

The controller will retail for €40 (£33) on 15 September in Europe, with 16 Move-compatible titles to be released on the same date. A further 40 titles are expected within the months leading up to Christmas. A Sports Champions bundle, which includes the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye, will be available for around €80 (£66). A bundle of the entire Move package with a PlayStation 3 will also be available for around €330 (£270).