Sony geeks angry at PS3 Linux fail

Sony has made moves which might particularly upset the geekier PS3 owners by removing Linux support from its latest update.

PS3 Firmware 3.21, available from April 1st (which just happens to be April Fool’s Day), will see the ‘Install Other OS feature’ disabled, available on PS3 systems prior to the current slimline models which were launched last September.

The feature enabled users to install Linux as an operating system, but due to security concerns Sony decided to disable the feature.

This means that anybody currently using the feature will not be able to upgrade their systems if they want to continue using Linux. 

This might not be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that they won’t be able to use the PlayStation Network, while some Blu-Day Disc Videos and software might stop running.

As you might guess, this has made a few people quite angry. 

With more than 250 comments and still counting, many users have been annoyed by the move, and wondering why Sony wasted time on coming up with an option if it wasn’t prepared to use it properly.

Canadian user BichD posted first on the Playstation Europe blog: “Huge step backward, This is one of the features I bought the paystation for. 

“You may need to offer a ‘send your Playstation in for a full refund choice,’ as you are REMOVING functionality that was part of the base product.”