Sony faces battery assault

Japan’s second-largest mobile-phone operator, KDDI, has said that it will replace Sony-made batteries because of concerns the devices may overheat.

According to Business Week, more than two million batteries will be scrapped in devices made by Casio and Hitachi and sold between 2007 and 2009, KDDI said in a statement today.

KDDI Vice President Toshio Maki told a press conference in Tokyo that the batteries may produce heat and melt. So far there had been two customer complaints in 2010 and six this year.

Sony said sorry in 2006 for the largest recall in the consumer-electronics industry after computer makers, including Dell, returned 9.6 million lithium-ion batteries on concerns some could overheat and become fire hazards. 

Analysts say that Sony is so big that such a recall is not going to harm its business, but it will lead some to question the reliability of the outfit’s products. After all you don’t want a phone that melts in your pocket and all over your fingers.

Sony is not having a good year.

The peddler of Bravia televisions and PlayStation game consoles slashed its earnings forecast by 25 percent in July. This is because of lower telly demand in Europe and the US.