Sony drums up DS-like tablet design, plumps for Android

Here comes Sony’s foray into the swelling tablet computing market. It has gone for the name: “Sony Tablet”.

At the moment Sony has only announced that it is developing two models which it hopes will be available by Autumn this year. They’re codenamed S1 and S2 and will both run on Android 3.0, Google’s operating system built with tablets in mind.

Both models will sport that usual connectivity, Wi-Fi and WAN so they’re 3G and 4G compatible. It claims they will operate through “Sony’s premium network services” which means we’re looking at a Sony catered content market a la the PSN along with the built in Android market on the OS. 

The S1 will have a 9.4 inch display which looks rather like many other tablets we’ve seen, however the S2 looks altogether more strange – with Sony opting for a bizarre dual touch-screen set-up that looks a little like a Nintendo DS without the buttons.

Sony says the purpose will be multitasking, for example being able to play a video on the top screen while showing control buttons on the bottom. It says they can also be combined for a full screen experience. They’re both 5.5 inch displays and can be folded over.

Sony's tablet computer concept designs, for the S1 and S2

So far, standard fare. As you’ll see in the initial design picture above, Sony says the designs are subject to change, so it might scrap the odd dual screens or go completely the other way and give it 50 screens instead.

Either way it’s clear that Sony wants a piece of the action and is experimenting with interesting designs as a USP.