Sony demonstrates its enormous enthusiasm for Ultrabooks

It looks like Sony is not really that interested in promoting Intel’s Ultrabooks.

Its latest Vaio Z series laptop is a 13-inch device that’s just 0.66 inches thick and weighs only 2.57 pounds which many would think would make a rather nice Ultrabook. The only difference is that it is a proper PC.

So you would expect Sony’s first ultrabook would be something pretty anorexic.

But Wired is reporting that Sony’s first true, Intel-approved Ultrabooks, the Vaio T, are thicker and much heavier than the company’s existing super-thin Z series notebook.

The new T13 weighs 3.5 pounds which is nearly a full pound heavier than the Vaio Z series notebook.

The T13 Ultrabook is 0.7 inches which is a little bit thicker than the 0.66-inch Z series notebook.

While the T Series specs are about the same as other Ultrabooks they are shipping with the slightly outdated Sandy Bridge platform.

So Sony’s first Ultrabook is thicker and heavier than its laptop and is shipping with an out-of-date processor. If you are starting to wonder if Sony’s heart is in this Ultrabook thing you might not be the only one.

Still, the way Sony has been going lately, the fact that it does not appear committed to Ultrabooks are probably an indication that that the spec will do really well.