Sony decides how you hold its tablet

And now it’s Sony shouting “Me too!”. The creator of the Walkman has designed its very own tablet with a unique twist – you’re only supposed to hold it a certain way.

So, Sony has taken an Apple product and stuck a wedge on the bottom of it. This is supposed to make it easier to hold, and we can’t really comment because we haven’t had a hands-on, however the pick-up-and-play appeal of the iPad is a large factor in its success.

What is interesting is that the machine is Playstation certified. We can expect to see a shed load of imports on the machine, remapped with touch screen controls. This really could go either way – Sony’s first attempt at the gaming smartphone, the Play, was met with a tepid reaction. But the touch screen controls on some of the games really did work well.

However, with the high-powered Vita on the way as a handheld flagship gaming device, you have to wonder if Sony is creating confusion about its product line. 

Still, everyone likes Honeycomb well enough. The problem is the price is about the same. As with the TouchPad, a lower price realy encouraged consumers. Not a problem, according to the  Huffington Post UK, which checked out the launch at Tottenham Court Road’s Sony Centre where the queues were long and others sweetened the deal by throwing in free TV sets. Sony is rather good at marketing, managing to even survive losing the details of every single one of its PS3 customers, so maybe this will be the one to give Apple a scare, at least before the lawyers tip up. 

It is still a game of wait and see for the tablet craze. The products are marketed as desirable, and analysts are saying they’re here for a while, but really no one is sure if the whole thing is a fad kick-started by Apple and its fervent followers.