Sony claims its PSP will match the PS3

Console maker Sony claims that its PlayStation Portable successor, due at Christmas, will be just as powerful as its PS3 console.

Sony is supposed to be pitching the new PSP at the top end of the market, however. Even so we can’t see how a handheld can match a console in terms of graphics or other hardware.

But that is what Sony has told licensees, while totally failing to mention what wonderful hardware it is going to use to manage this feat

The new PSP is expected to arrive within the Q4 period, perhaps as early as October, and includes a HD screen with twin-stick controls in the familiar ‘brick’ form factor.

The gear will provide access to plenty of downloadable content, smaller games and apps via PSN – and maybe even incorporate a phone, but not as a primary function.

Sony and the other handheld makers have their work cut out for them. Smartphones and tablets are starting to get jolly clever. Users can play similar games on their phones and do not need a handheld. Their only hope is to go for gimmicks like 3D.

However if Sony can get significant graphics performance out of its new handheld, it might do well. Of course it could kill off the PS3.