Sony boots out floppy disks

With new technology coming out all the time, some of our iconic favourites are being scrapped.

And this time the death bell has finally sounded for floppy disks with Sony, one of the few companies who has kept this tech alive, announcing it will end sales of floppy disks by March 2011.

The Japanese company, which had a 70 percent share of the 12 million disks sold last year put the reason for the final nail in the coffin as a result of “dwindling demand.”

Sony was the first company to kick start the global floppy disc market, launching the world’s first 3.5-inch floppy disks in 1981, and back then the disks were seen as a great storage medium for personal computers and word processors. It even stood its ground right into 2000 when these disks were shipping around 47 million.

However with the development of large-capacity storage devices such as USB flash drives, companies have been burying this technology for a while.

Apple was the first computer maker to eliminate the floppy in 1998 and then Dell followed in 2003. Will the CD be the next piece of technology to suffer the same fate? [Yes, Ed.]