Sony and Intel share hardware information

There was a session at IDF yesterday where several fellows were, so to speak, interrogated by a vast audience of many many people.

Some might have been real developers – the first question was from a chap who asked all about sort of lines on chips, such an interesting question that the moderator kind of just gave up.

People asked so many different questions on such diverse topics that we almost wished that we had just stayed in bed all day, and had a holiday.

But the relentless questions continued until about 6PM. One of the fellows disclosed details of a relationship between Sony and Intel where hardware configurations were shared on the internet – and produced better benchmarks than Sysmark shared over the interweb.

Apparently, between them, Sony and Intel have collected over five million configurations of Sony Viaos on the interweb and that has helped these companies discover what software is on their computers.

Er, have neither Sony nor Intel ever heard of privacy?

We put our hand up at one point and wanted to ask the several fellows, apart from Dr Genevieve Bell, whether they knew how to get water out of frogs in Aussieland.

But this Sony one is interesting, isn’t it? There didn’t seem to be many spinners around, nor shills

We think Intel and Sony need to be interrogated more.