Solar cells to power mobile devices indoors

Electronics devices powered by indoor light have received a boost, with a company claiming to have reached record power conversion efficiencies.

Solar powered consumer devices have been on the horizon for a while now.  One of the problems has been that most solar cells rely on energy directly from the sun, which is a problem if you either don’t get out much or happen to live anywhere in England.

G24 Innovation reckons that it can now accelerate the use of self-powering devices that are able to utilise indoor lighting rather than draining batteries.

The company claims it has managed to break its own record for cell efficiency, with a boost to its dye-sensitised photovoltaic cells. This means setting a record 26 percent conversion efficiency, beating the previous best of 15 percent as tested by Texas Instruments‘ solar labs.

According to the company, this means it is offering five times the power of its nearest competitor.

The technology, claimed to be about as close to mimicking photosynthesis as has been achieved so far, is able to harvest indoor ambient light and still produce voltages to power electronic devices.

The technology is currently being sold commercially to powershade and blind systems for hotels in Vegas, and for wireless keyboards and other peripherals.

However, by increasing the efficiency, the possibilities for  more powerful applications are opened up.

This could mean powering more power intensive products like smartphones and tablets in the future. In fact, the company is looking towards reaching conversion efficiency rates of 40 percent.