Solar cell spot prices to rise by 2.87 percent in Q3

The solar spot market is set to rise as a result of insufficient wafer capacity according to a report by EnergyTrend.

In its report the company said solar cell spot prices would to rise 2.87 percent in Q3
through influences including robust demand and insufficient wafer capacity. It said the current spot market price is $1.43 per watt. As for the quarterly average price, the average price for Q2 is $1.39 per watt, compared to $1.30 per watt in Q1, a 7.2 percent increase. It estimated that by Q3 the market could reach up to $1.43 per watt.

In addition to ascending solar prices, EnergyTrend said that the market prices of wafer and polysilicon began to rise simultaneously. Affected by the wafer capacity shortage, spot price of wafer is $4 per piece. However, it said that the actual transaction price is still in the range of between $3.5 to $3.7. It said in the polysilicon industry, the current market price is $60 per kilogram. It said the average Q2 price, of polysilicon was around $55 per kilogram. This was an increase of 3.8 percent QoQ while the silicon wafer had an average price of $3.5 per piece, an increase of 16.7 percent QoQ.

It said that considering the strong market demand and insufficient wafer capacity, in the the third quarter the silicon wafer price would continue to rise with the average price in Q3 reaching around $3.7 per piece, while the price of polysilicon will reach to $57 USD per kilogram.

 According to the company’s statistics of the top ten solar-cell factories in 2009, all but First Solar, were silicon solar cell manufacturers. It said manufacturers with 1GW capacity will have greater purchasing advantages and lower manufacturing costs, compared to thoses ones with smaller capacities. Therefore, 1GW will be the basic requirement of first-tier makers in 2010.

In addition to traditional solar manufacturers, Samsung, LG, AU Optronics, Taiwan Semiconductor and other major manufacturers have also entered the solar industry. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s electronic manufacturers have joined different parts of solar energy industry chain through re-investment and joint venture.