Smartphones driving huge demand for AMOLED screens

Our need for smartphones is playing a huge part in a greater need for AMOLED screens.

Lee Woo-jong, Samsung’s vice president of marketing said the need for OLED screens is still far in excess of production, and that is likely to continue.

According to Samsung AMOLED screens will increase to 600 million by 2015 as we continue to covet smartphones.

The company said previously that it would be investing in a new OLED production line, and its now opened up as to why it feels this move is viable.

Mr Woo said that demand for high end displays was very strong and that the company feared it may fail to meet requirements even though the company will expand its capacity by

He said the strong growth of smartphones will drive robust expansion in the AMOLED market, which Samsung expected to grow by 30 times to 600 million units by 2015 when shipments of mobile devices are expected to grow to 2.6 billion units.

Mr Woo also told delegates at the Reuters Global Technology summit that the company welcomed competition and that the industry needed more major players to grow this market, which was likely to expand application segments to other areas such as tablet PCs and TVs eventually.