Slough outfit creates "world's fastest" hosting server

A Slough company claims that it is building the “world’s fastest” servers to be used by the hosting market.

1&1 said that its Server XXL has 32 processor cores and the company is certain that it’s the first large scale provider to deliver dedicated servers with this clout.

Each server has 64 gigabytes of ECC RAM and a professional RAID 6 system providing 2.4 terabytes of usable storage space and uses AMD Turbo Core technology.

In the centre of the server are two AMD Opteron-6272 processors with 2.1 GHz clock frequency, which can be enhanced to 3.0 GHz depending on the workload of the 32 processor cores.

Oliver Mauss, CEO 1&1 Internet said that the way that things are shaping up is that people want to use more powerful servers on hosted systems.

The full power can be utilised during resource-hungry projects such as databases and systems development. Furthermore, the servers can be used for virtualisation and cloud computing services.

Mauss sees gold to be had in the applications product area and wants its foot in the door early.

Hosted services give outfits the chance to hire higher performance gear without having to worry too much about looking after it – with some going for between £59.99 a month and £169 a month with 24 hour support. The 32 Core is going for £399.99 a month.