Slim pickings slow down 3D adoption

The companies that make LCD TVs are frantically trying to persuade the world+dog that we should all pay through the nose for 3D TVs but the problem will be there’s not very much to watch, at all.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) points out that Sony hopes that S3D will be its saviour and it’s rolling out 3D games for the Playstation 3 in early summer.

JPR also thinks that there will be a lot of announcements of S3D games in the pipeline – “Lord only knows when they really see the light of day”, the analysts point out.

Jon Peddie said: “Except for PC games, there’s just not enough content”. He said there won’t be any second chances for S3D if the vendors get it wrong.

“If S3D isn’t a hit in three years; if Mom, Dad, Little Susie and Little Bobbie aren’t staring at the TV set wearing S3D glasses and playing games in S3D then it’s done, over, cooked finished,” said Peddie.

However, he notes that a French game developer called Dark Works has technology which it claims will let games be converted in just one week. Its method is anaglyphic but the glasses only cost $20 a pair. Peddie said a number of major game developers are evaluating Dark Works’ system.