Sky creates 3D spider film to cure arachnophobia

If you have a fear of spiders, there might finally be a cure: watching them crawl out of the TV screen in their dozens and creep and crawl all over you.

At least, that’s the aim of a new 3D film filmed by Sky in the aims of calming arachnophobia and celebrating the release of Sky 3D on October 1.

The film, which is currently being shown at BugWorld Experience in Liverpool until September 5, includes all sorts of creepy crawlies, including false widows and tarantulas.

A number of high profile people have already shared the benefits of the ultra-realistic insect experience. Denise Van Outen, actress and singer, decided to test her fear in the cinema screen, revealing the therapeutic effect it had on her.

After picking her up from the floor (just kidding), she said: “I have never been good with spiders – I’m the stand-on-the-bed-screaming type. At times I felt like the spiders were crawling all around me and that I could almost touch them. I came out a far braver and calmer lady and was even prepared to hold a spider afterwards.” She was referring to real life Chilean rose tarantula which she handled after watching the film.

She was not the only one to brave up for the experience. Ralf Little admitted to a dislike of spiders, but he narrated the entire piece, describing the many insects as they crawl into reality.

Neil Torbit, the director of the film, revealed the difficulties of filming the project: “We wanted to get a shot of loads of spiders in the bath, but we also needed props in the bath to give it the 3D depth it needed.

“Of course all the spiders hid under the props! We had four people trying to coax them out with sticks as well as blowing them with straws. In the shot you can only see about 12 spiders but there are actually about 25 in there somewhere!

“A bit of air administered via a straw became our major directing tool for the spiders. We could direct them when to move and what direction to go.”

Hopefully that’s in the opposite direction to us.