SIG wants to earth Intel Thunderbolt

The PCI Special Interest Group (SIG) has worked out a way of duffing up Intel’s Thunderbolt.

The group has come up with a new format, yet to be named, but touted to be at least three times faster than the current one at 32Gbps.

Apparently it can manage eight billion transfers per second, if the wind is behind it and it is going downhill, at distances of up to 10 feet.

It should be able to carry power on copper wires, with a rating of up to 20W and need a flatter cable compared to the Thunderbolt wire which is small and round.

The group has drawn up a four year roadmap which it thinks will usher in the dawn of optical and upgraded copper connections, where peace shall guide our planet and love will rule the stars.

At the end of it, transfers will be doubled to 16 billion per second and it will not break PCIe 4.0.

According to Ubergizmowork on the standard has just started, and the spec could see completion in only nine to 18 months with products on the shelves in two years.

Intel is expected to reply that Thunderbolt can scale up to 100Gbps within the next few years.