Sierra Wireless creates demanding coffee machine

The internet of things may not have fully arrived yet, but it seems that machines are already getting ready to bark orders at us.

With an era of almost incomprehensible levels of connectivity coming up in the future, the internet of things has some staggering possibilities.

While applications are only really starting to appear, Sierra Wireless has given a glimpse of the future with a coffee machine that demands refilling, and a watch that tells you when to eat.

Working alongside Nestle, the machine to machine communications firm has developed a remote management system for professional coffee machines.

This means that it can monitor the operation of coffee machines around the world to keep a check on stock, in case any lazy baristas forget to do so.  It will also mean that the optimum pressure and temperature are maintained for cappuccino drinkers.

The firm has also developed a watch that can help those with cognitive disorders to manage daily routines.

The Pictowatch visually notifies users to perform such tasks as “eating lunch” or “going to work”, so we can imagine that the watch may have wider attraction in consumer market as well.

The watch combines GSM and microcontroller functions to act as both a modem and a central processor.   This means that the firmware necessary can be run just from the module itself, Sierra Wireless says.