Sharp pays off Dell

Japan’s Sharp has reached an out of court settlement with Dell and two other companies that filed a lawsuit over its TFT digital business in North America and Europe.

Sharp announced that it will pay $198.5 million in a settlement to make the three go away.

The company was involved in a price fixing scandal with several other TFT makers. The case has been dragging on for years with fines being dished out to the other players. Most have been trying to settle out of court with whoever was miffed about the situation.

Much of the cases were waiting for the results of Toshiba who had decided to fight the case.

A Jury in Northern California found the company guilty and and decided it was liable for $87 million in damage. Tosh still does not think it did anything and will appeal.

Dell is a big user of Sharp gear and was thought to have paid millions over the years for screens that were not worth it.  With money too tight to mention at the tin box shifter, Michael Dell is probably happy to get a windfall.