SGI Altix UV with Intel Xeon gets Windows Server 2008 RT certification

SGI has announced certification for SGI Altix UV with Windows Server 2008 RT, which will see it as the “world’s largest” Windows platform with Intel’s Xeon.

It’ll take workloads to speedy new heights and ease scalability, says SGI. Using its mammoth memory it’ll let you expand on analytics and simulations to sift through large quantities of data.

Stuff like Wolfram Mathematica 8 and MathWorks MATLAB should benefit thanks to Altix UV’s computing capability.

SGI boasts that it has twice the computing power of HP’s ProLiant DL980 G7 server series, with 128 cores of Intel’s Xeon 7500 and 1 TB of memory. It will “enable an entirely new class of customers to solve complex challenges,” trumpeted a spokesperson. 

Altix UV also supports SQL Server Data Warehousing and Excel Services in Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.