Seiko unveils new LCDs

Seiko Instruments GmbH says it has started producing a small, 2.53 inch LCD display which can display a picture without consuming energy.

The display, which has a resolution of 240×86 pixel, is based on bistable-nematic (BiNem) technology originally developed by French e-paper company Nemoptic. BiNem allows displays to keep on showing data and pictures without consuming power. Power is only needed to change the image, which is stored by the display.

Seiko Instruments also says it is developing a HVGA LCD display with a size of 4.45 inches. The German subisidiary of Japanese company Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) however didn’t say what resolution the display will have.

Seiko Instruments Inc. licensed NemOptic’s BiNem technology back in December 2008, after the two companies had formerly signed a subcontracting agreement in April 2007. The displays will be used for so-called electronic shelf label systems (ESL) – or simply put electronic price tags. The tags can be updated from a store’s central computer. Seiko said it wanted to start rolling out 100,000 tags a month in factories in Japan and China.