Seamicro talks up efficient x86 server

Here comes SeaMicro’s 64-bit x86 server, the SM10000-64HD, which it claims is the world’s most energy efficient.

Its architecture runs with 384 of Intel’s 64-bit Atom N570 dual-cores, so that’s 768 1.66 GHzx86 cores in 10 rack units, at 17.5 inches. 

SeaMicro claims it’s an industry record. The previous, it says, was set by itself in the SM10000-64, a system that held 256 dual-core Atoms for 512 1.66 GHz x86 cores in 10 rack units.
The server ships with 1.536 terabytes of DDR3 DRAM and up to 64 SATA or hard disk drivers.

There are eight to 64 one gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

Senior VP at SeaMicro said Zeus Kerravala said in a statement that in nine months, it has managed to increase density by 150 percent, as well as boosting the compute per-watt. 

SeaMicro says the product has four gigabytes of addressable memory per socket, and has a slew of server gubbins integrated, including drop-in adoption, an integrated top-of-rack switch, a load balancer and console server, and infrastructure it claims cuts out costs and unneccessary management. 

You can buy it for a measly $237,000.