Seagate shows off “the world’s fastest SSD”

Seagate logoSeagate has just unveiled what it is calling “the world’s fastest SSD” and claims that it is production ready.

The SSD is fully compliant with the Open Compute Project (OCP) specification employed by hyperscale data centres and employs the NVMe protocol.

Seagate says that the new SSD is capable of 10GB/sec of throughput when used in 16-lane PCIe slots. Seagate says that this is 4GB/sec faster than the next fast competing SSD solution.

Apparently the outfit is working on a second, lower-performing variant that works in 8-lane PCIe slots and has a throughput of 6.7GB/sec. Seagate wants to use the second model as a more cost-effect SSD for businesses.

Seagate thinks the SSDs will be used modelling or statistical analysis on their own or in conjunction with HDDs for a cost-effective hybrid storage array.  Of course there is no word on price or even a launch date.