Seagate ships 4TB HDD

Seagate claims it’s shipping the highest capacity hard drive in the entire industry, the four terabyte GoFlex Desk.

The high capacity 3.5 inch hard drive is out for the PC with a price tag of $249.99. An Apple equivalent, the GoFlex Desk for Mac, which has FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 but not Thunderbolt will make an appearance later this month, Seagate says. The GoFlex on Windows works with USB 3.0 and is encrypted automatically.

It’ll also ship with back up software.

Seagate is saying it wants to keep a close eye on USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, and is considering products for both over the next few months. 

Despite the entire world’s obsession with the cloud, Seagate hopes people still want their physical storage in a hard drive next to the desktop. As file sizes and traffic increases further and further, Seagate believes there is a place for its products. In a statement, it quotes IDC figures saying there is a demand for personal storage thanks to all the videos, photos and music people are downloading.

Judging from the reviews on Seagate’s own website, which it links to in a press statement, previous iterations of the product have not gone down too well on the Mac. One customer says it’s “most likely the last Seagate I’ll ever buy” because it crashes during file exports, and another claims the 3TB Firewire doesn’t work with Lion.

Older OS’ are not supported, Seagate says, as one user finds it was worthless trying to transfer kit over from Server 2008, while another complains that a Seagate GoFlex wiped out 60GB of data completely.