Seagate planning 3TB hard-drive

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that the hardware maker Seagate will release a three terabyte hard drive by the end of the year.

The rumour can be sourced to the Bosnian hardware site Fudzilla which claims that Seagate seems to have got around the problems related to going over 2TB.

Unfortunately for Windows XP users, the 32-bit version of Windows XP is only limited to 2TB per drive partition, so getting a 3TB drive is a bit useless.

It appears that Seagate will not lose much sleep over losing Windows XP customers. Fudzilla says that Seagate will only be targeting these new huge drives at Windows Vista and Win7 users, in addition to Mac OS X and Linux users who can get around the 2TB limit.

Apparently there is some indication that Seagate may be offering some sort of emulation solution that could make the drive usable for 32-bit WinXP users.

However it is likely to make the hard-drives slower than an asthmatic turtle on its way to a turtle soup convention with a heavy load of shopping.

The first 3TB Seagate drive is said to be a variable speed drive, in Seagate’s “Green” line with a variable drive speed between 5900 and 7200 PM.

After the first “Green” 3TB drive comes out, Seagate will introduce a second more performance-oriented drive that spins at just 7200 rpm.

Prices are are looking to be about $500 but since it is a rumour it this figure might be meaningless. [So why write it Nick? Ed.]