Schick as a parrot, stuck at CES – foam for all at MGM Grand

Lobbed down in Vegas, stopping at the Golden Nugget, where I tipped up first at a Comdex in 1987. Made my way via a Hackney Cab to the MGM Grand where Pepcom is giving the organisers of the CES show a run for its money.

Pepcom guarantees to the vendors a whole gaggle of hacks from around the world, including the Known World of America. 175 vendors were happy to chat to us about sausage rolls, razors and Swiss Army knives while the beer was cheap. You get more beer if you repeatedly tip the long suffering staff on the periphery of the giant venue.

We were particularly interested in the interwibble of things – so got our act together to ask Schick how many semiconductors were embedded in its new razor, the incredible Hydro 5 Power Select with AAA battery, complete with gel reservoir. Schick even threw a canister of foam in too. The answer is five, but the question when we woke up jet lagged at 3:15AM was how do we get the effing packaging off. The verdict, shave wise? Not bad. And certainly a lot cheaper than the crap we bought at Flitwick which didn’t even come with foam.

From Schick a schort hop, schip and jump to Ford. We asked the same question of Ford for the car it was showing off – the answer is north of 650 chips. We wondered whether cars and razors were hackable, before wandering off to watch interview a guy from Corning about its famous Gorilla Glass. Luke, the camera man, egged on by Tarindrer and David Ross, refused to be drawn on how many semiconductors fitted into a glass half full..

We bumped into Fudo who started necking our beer but as the beer was free that seemed like not a bad deal.

It’s a long walk to get to the Grand Ballroom in the MGM, er Grand. They have pictures of pop stars on your long walk through – we were particularly taken by a shot of the Rolling Stones – one with Brian Jones, one sans Brian Jones. Where’s Knebworth? Ah yeah, we remember.

We popped by to meet those nice people from Kingston, here for the show and of course brought back fab memories of Laguna Beach. The guys are showing off the 16GB Wi-Drive, this nice little number describes itself as portable wireless storage for iPads and iPhones. These guys were just round the corner from Nook, which stays bullish despite the threat from the Amazonian Kindle and its ilk. Really a nice little reader, all in all.

Swiss Army knives that are USB sticks – do we really need them? A Swiss Army Knife has its uses but a USB stick can’t get a stone out of a horse’s hoof nor act as an ersatz screwdriver when you need to cut down a bunch of acorns and make a cup of instant, sort-of coffee.

We visited – the pet tracker. This lot have a collar you can place round the neck of a pooch so when it goes missing it will email you with its GPS location. Yeah, they will do them for cats and hamsters too when Moore’s Law kicks in and they shrink the die.

Samsung was a lot of fun. The guys from Olympus looked a bit down in the dumps. AMD was bullish. Couldn’t spot Intel in the El Grando Ballroom at ‘El on Earth MGM Grand. But Intel has bigger fish to fry.

There were a few Ultrabooks being shown off by Asus and Lenovo – but we guess Intel is making everyone keep their powder dry. AMD showed off a notebook too – not an Ultrabook of course, but an ultra-thin notebook…