Scan becomes the Nvidia add in board maker with a difference

We’re interested to see that hardware vendor Scan has become an add-in-board (AIB) manufacturer for Nvidia with a difference.

The difference is that it’s selling a ScanFX GTX 480 on pre-order. The specs are a 40 nanometer card, 3696MHz GDDR5, GPU 700MHz, shader 1401MHz, 480 cores, two times DVI and mini HDMI too. It’s branded Scan. Scan has always done this thing, presumably for OEMs. How much is a brand worth, we wonder?

The manufacturer code is VGA-480-A1 and the item “is currently awaiting an ETA” and will cost £445.89 including value added tax.

The product is under “extreme constraint” right now, and Scan recommends you place a back order, and right now.

The page is here. Scan is a brand. Scan has always done this. The boards are identical to branded boards. So why buy branded boards from the AIBs? That is the question that dare not put a question mark on the end. Why pay extra for brands when you can get a Scan brand at a price point that’s pretty affordable?

The screenshot is below.