Sat Nav is the new heroin

A top engineering boffin has warned that Blighty is too dependent on Sat Nav and an accidental or deliberate system failure could kill far too many people.

But Professor Martyn Thomas who is the chairman of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s working group, has not thought what would happen if people are forced to go Cold Turkey.

New Trainspotting movie:

Images of Renton running along to Underworld.

Renton: “Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose the next lane before the intersection. Choose washing machines, cars. At the roundabout choose the right hand turn off.

“I chose not to choose life, or staying on the motorway. I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons when you have a Garmin Satnav.”

“With the government cracking down on Satnavs, I had no direction. I needed to visit the Mother Superior, for one direction. We called her Mother Superior because of the length of her Sat Nav habit.

“In the dark she even sounded like the woman who gave us directions.

“Would sir care for a starter? Some garlic bread, perhaps?”

“No, thank you. I’ll proceed directly to a trip to York via the Basingstoke Roundabout.”

“Ah the hard stuff. As you wish, sir. As you wish.”

Then there’s Perfect Day by Lou Reed.