Sapphire's Toxic clocks like there's no tomorrow

The lucky people at Overclockers Club have got their hands on what could be the world’s fastest graphics card, the Sapphire Toxic HD 5970 4G. Setting you back a mere $1099, it will test the pockets of all but the wealthiest enthusiast. Is it worth it? With 4GB of DDR 5 clocked at 1200MHz and the 5970 GPU at 900MHz they certainly think so. The big addition to the 5970 toxic is the Arctic Cooling Xtreme HD 5970, which cools this beast within normal ranges and performs so well that Overclockers manage to get out a few more MHz. Check out the full review @Overclockers Club.

Anyone who has seen Johnny Mnemonic knows that Keanu Reeves, unsurprisingly, isn’t the answer to all your storage needs, fear not though if your data simply must look its best. Mach Extreme Technology’s new SSD, MX-DS fits the bill. Beating the competitors to the post on real application performance, the newcomer proves to be a serious if pricey contender. We can’t help think that some of that premium price tag is more to do with the sticker on the front that the drive itself. Read more at  XSReviews.

On a similar theme, Kingston have released a 256GB DataTraveler Flash Drive, which should be enough to hold anyone’s iTunes collection and some. You’ll be expected to spend around the $1000 mark to get your hands on one of these. Let’s just hope that no government departments do, since something so large yet this small would be easier than a laptop to leave on the train. Read more @Pure Overclock.

Thinking about picking up AMDs new 6 core? You’ll want to pair it up with a decent motherboard, and the ECS A890GXM-A black series might be a smart move. The board comes with every video out you could need and the latest 890GX chip-set. It’s not all positive though, as it lacks over clocking options, something we would expect from a mid-range board. We aren’t all over clockers though and ECS have packed this with other interesting features. Find out more over @IXBTlabs.

HTPCs can seriously add to the amount of wireless gadgets to trip over in the living room, so an all in one keyboard and touch pad could be the answer. Maximum CPU has a review of the sleek-looking Adesso WKB-4200UB. Replacing the number pad with a laptop style touch pad and randomly scattering the rest of the buttons around the edge of the board, this keyboard takes a slight departure from the norm. This increase in style looks to come at a premium as they have hiked the price up from previous models. Make your own mind up by wobbling over to Maximum CPU.

Does your socket 1156 air cooling sound like a Hoover? Big Bruin have a nice comparison of 6 front-running heat pipe coolers. Expect the obligatory massive blocks of aluminium and copper. @BigBruin.