Sapphire Vid-2X links two monitors through single output

PC component maker Sapphire has announced a product allows two monitors to be plugged in to almost any computer system through a single output.

The Sapphire Vid-2X uses either a Thunderbolt, DisplayPort or DualLink-DVI output to link up to two Full HD DVI monitors from either desktop. 

According to Sapphire, the Vid-2X external components, which can connect via a USB, means that there is no need for measing around opening up PCs to connect more than one monitor. This can also mean that there is no messing around with the guts of a machine and running the risk of tearing up your warranty, it says.

Sapphire claims it doesn’t need any software or drivers, either, making it simple to set up.  While many gaming enthusiasts might know their way around hooking up multiple monitors, for the average user in classrooms or business meetings a simple way to link up multiple monitors could be useful.

Sapphire expects the plug and play device to retail at around $179, and say it will work easily with most operating systems including Windows, Linux and OSX.