Sapphire shows off high performance, fanless graphics card

Sapphire has announced a new model to sit alongside its ATI graphics card, the “Sapphire HD 5550 Ultimate,” a specially designed cool and quiet card with no fan.

The Ultimate is built with 1GB of DDR2 memory, a clock speed of 550MHz core and 800Mhz effective for the memory, boasting 320 Stream processors and DVI, HDMI and VGA output configurations. The card can be used with HDMI enabled monitors or digital TVs to run signals over a single HDMI cable and comes with an on board Unified Video Decoder which lowers stress on the CPU when running Blu-ray and HD DVD content.

It is compatible with DirectX 10.1, DirectX 10 and DirectX 9.0, as well as MIcrosoft DirectX 11. It ships with acceleration apps that are compatible with ATI Stream and also has Crossfire and CrossfireX support.

This card is covered by a heatpipe based wrap-over heatsink which Sapphire says will keep it cool – a good job, since it ships with no fan in order to keep it completely silent and “maintenance free”. The HD 5550 has low active power consumption and features Dynamic Power Management which means in 2D or idle it will run at 10W.

It is available at the Sapphire website here.