Sapphire releases beefy new mainboard

Sapphire has released a new mainboard running on AMD’s 890GX chipset, which has DDR3 memory support and runs with ATI’s CrossfireX.

The board is called the Sapphire Pure 890G and is in the ATX standard format. It combines the 890GX chipset with the AMD SB850 south bridge. It’s got four DIMM slots which can run up to 16GB of memory along with 128MBit DDR3 sideport memory built in  on-board.

The integrated graphic card is equivalent to the fancy ATI 4290, running with full DirectX 10.1 support for gaming. Its on board unified video decoder promises to read BluRay and HD DVD smoothly while keeping CPU loading low.

For graphics geeks there are two 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 X16 slots on the board which can be used to plonk in the HD 5000 graphics cards singly or in CrossfireX. There’s one 32-bit PCI slot, one PCI-Express X1 slot and one mini PCI-E socket.

The Pure 890G ships with an integrated high speed 6GB/s SATA3 interface which offers support  for up to 6  devices with RAID functions if you like. Unfortunately the board doesn’t have support for USB 3.0 but does come with support for up to 12, meaning you’re unlikely to run out of any space to plug into. It’s got a GigaBit LAN connector and features Realtek HD Audio.

Full details for the motherboards can be found at Sapphire’s website here.