Sapphire motherboards, 128GB CF card, SSD RAID array

Sapphire has announced a series of new motherboards that will support Intel chipsets, according to PureOC. The first is the Pure Black X58, which supports i7 processors and the X58 chipset. It comes with a number of USB 3.0, SATA III, SATA II and PCI-E slots, among other features. The second board is the Pure Black Hydra P67, which supports Sandy Bridge processors and the P67 chipset.

The Sennheiser PC 333D G4ME headset was reviewed at HardwareHeaven. It was rated 9 out of 10 and given a Silver Award for its great sound quality and reasonable price tag. The 7.1 audio device is aimed at the mid-range of the market at $160.

HotHardware brings news of Sandisk’s 128GB CompactFlash Extreme Pro Card, which offers a high capacity and a 100MB/s transfer speed, along with a PowerCore controller and UDMA-7 interface. It’s clearly a monster of a card, but it also has a monster price of $1,499.99. Just a tad above our price range then. Best to wait a few months until the inflated price drops considerably.

TweakTown reviwed two Corsair Force Series F90 solid state drives in a RAID array. It was highly recommended that an SSD be used to replace an aging HDD or if someone wants to upgrade their system and two SSDs combined offered more than double performance in some instances. Prices are still pretty high for lower capacities, but TweakTown believes you could gain an hour a day by using SSDs.

Tom’s Hardware took a look at OCZ’s RevoDrive X2. It delivered some top notch performance, but the more than top notch price made this not very recommended. Four 60 GB Vertex 2s would deliver the same at a significantly lower price and further developments are expected over the next few months, which will make the RevoDrive X2 very outdated.