SAPman Apotheker resurrects HP TouchPad

HP has decided it will keep producing TouchPads, now that everyone wants one. At least for one final run.

The demand has been staggering, which is probably because they were going for only $100, proving that all you have to do is work out a way to strongly undercut Apple on price to seduce the consumer. 

SAPman Apotheker didn’t like the idea of HP producing anything appealing, and besides, Apple was still screwing it for demand on its expensive new entry to the tablet market anyway.

The TouchPad was around for just six weeks before the plug was pulled and HP contemplates what it is going to do with products groups. Conflicting reports internally put all involved in an awkward situation, with HP PSG UK releasing a statement reassuring everyone that machines will be supported until the warranties are through, and webOS will be supported. Which isn’t what Apotheker said.*

Well, it will be supported for a short time anywy. On a post from the bog, Mark Budgell says it’ll be a couple of weeks before the final run is available. However, there are no details about how many, where and exactly when you’ll be able to buy one.

It’s also not clear if HP will be sticking to its $100 price point or try a last-minute attempt to put the squeeze on keen customers with an eye for a bargain.

Still, HP won’t have much of a tough time with supply. Taiwanese manufacturers are sitting on heaps upon heaps of components for the tablet which was sent to the gallows. Reports from sources over there say there’s enough to build 100,000 seven inch TouchPads. 

*EyeSee The word here in Silicon Valley among top analysts is the decision was “stupid”.