Sandisk says: SD cards will be around for 100 years

Sandisk thinks that SD Cards are going to be around for the next 100 years, boasting that its latest product will keep files safe for an entire century. 

A lot of things have happened in the last hundred years. There have been two world wars and amazing technological leaps in a very short space of time – international travel is easy as pie now, ash clouds permitting, most of us have phones that fit into our pockets, nuclear fusion’s a reality and the Large Hadron Collider is trying to find the god particle right now. But more importantly, SanDisk is releasing the SD WORM card.

It renders traditional film ‘obsolete’, says SanDisk. And it’ll store your data for exactly one hundred years.

So when you’re driving around a Bladerunner-esque bustling futuristic metropolis in your flying car, you’ll be able to plug in your SD WORM card into your vintage digital camera and check out holiday snaps from the quaint old 2010s.

It’s available now through the SanDisk website. Ideally, says SanDisk, it’s good for forensic image archiving. Police over in Japan are already using it, and we’re sure they will be for the next 100 years.