Sandisk releases 32-GB microSD HC

Memory maker Sandisk has doubled the maximum storage capacity of its micro memory chips.

HC-format microSD cards can now hold an entire 7,000-song library, or 10 hours of uncompressed HD video, without packing a sad.

Sandisk is going to start flogging the card on website from today and through retail channels soon.

Currently the largest MicroSD card is a 32-GB version from Samsung although this never seems to have made it into the shops.

Sandisk’s card costs $200 and weighs 0.5 grams, which as Wired points out is worth about 11 times its weight in gold, or one microgram of HP printer ink.

Sandisk said that it improved capacity by switching to a 32-nanometer production process, and stacking eight memory chips vertically inside the card.

Sandisk boffins have squeezed a vertical stack of eight memory chips inside it. Each chip holds 4GB of data, so altogether the stack holds 32 GB.

Getting memory that small is really handy if you are down any rabbit holes and have eaten the wrong pill.