Samsung's Chromebox goes on sale

Samsung stuck its first ChromeOS desktop PC, the Chromebox, on sale and was greeted by a huge yawn from the known world.

According to Engadget if you visited the online TigerDirect site you could see it for $329.

That is about the same as a normal PC, but the spec is pretty grim.

The machine is powered by a 1.9Ghz dual-core Intel Celeron processor which is a little wheezy, 4Gb DDR3 RAM, which is not bad and integrated Intel graphics (cough).

It does have a Mac Mini style design and it is supposed to be good if you want to access the Google ecosystem “quicker”.  But really it is a bit of a yawn.

Normally you could buy a much better multi-tasking Windows machine for less than $300 and a Linux machine with AMD Fusion processors would be a far better bet for about $200.

Thinking about it, the Raspberry Pi for $25 is more useful than the Samsung Chromebox and has enough power to get onto the Google universe just as fast.

Our guess is that Google will find it difficult to convince anyone that ChromeOS is a good idea.

So, why then, is Samsung bothering? It would appear the outfit is swallowing the spin about the cloud. The only problem is that consumers do not really know what it is, or why they should be interested in it.

For the last decade hacks have been writing that dumb terminals are the way forward and the cloud is just another example of this story. Yet, every time, someone comes out with a reason why you need a smart computer, particularly for home use.