Samsung to partner with Nvidia for Galaxy Tab 2

It seems that Samsung and Nvidia could be heading for a beautiful future together. Rumours from Korea suggest the two are likely to team up on the follow up to Samsung’s next Galaxy Tab already. 

According to a report on RCR Wireless,  “a highly reliable source in Seoul” has revealed that Samsung’s successor to the first tablet would likely run on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip. Nothing is definite yet, but apparently negotiations have reached the final stages.

This would be a move away from the first version of the Galaxy Tab, the company’s rival to the iPad. The Tab, a 7-inch portable Android device, runs on Samsung’s own Hummingbird processor. It’s been suggested that the company could be looking for increased processing power to turn version two of its latest gadget into more of a gaming tablet – and that’s where Nvidia could come in.

The folks in the know at Nvidia said they were not in a position to be drawn on the rumours. But TechEye was lucky enough to grab a chat with Bea Longworth, corporate communications manager for Nvidia in Europe.

Bea said she couldn’t comment on supplying a part for another company’s product. “It’s Samsung’s product so it’s up to them,” was all she would reveal.

But she did say that Tegra had been her baby for a while now and was “a really interesting” part of the business. She added: “I’m absolutely bursting to shout from the rooftops about Tegra and to show off what the chip can do. When it’s out there I think people are going to be very impressed with the results.”

She also said that it had taken much longer than originally anticipated to get Tegra to market due to things moving so fast in the sector, but acknowledged that this was “the nature of the beast”.

Bea told TechEye that any announcements about Tegra would have to be at the right time for the company’s partners. Which suggests the rumours are on the right trail.

RCR Wireless also revealed that the time-frame for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was apparently expected to be the second quarter of next year. So watch this space for a spring announcement.