Samsung starts mass producing 3D TV glass

Giant manufacturing combine Samsung said it has started making panels for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TCs.

It’s started making panels for 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch HD 3D TVs that use its 240Hz technology and will need “3D Active Glasses”.

The 240Hz technology operates at 240 frames a second and Samsung claims delivers full HD viewing in 2D and smooth full HD 3D images.

3D nightmareThe response time of the LCD and LED panels has been cut by 20 percent to less than four milliseconds. That, said Samsung eliminates interference between right eye and left eye images.

The 3D Active Glasses technology is a standard approved by the Consumer Electronics Association. Rather than use polarised glass, 3D Active Glass tech blocks the left and then the right lens when images are displayed to give more lifelike 3D images.

Sounds like a recipe for a headache, but Samsung like other panel makers hopes the 3D market will be worth $17 billion a year in 2018.